Gravy Trainin’


I am finally in Boston! YAHOO!

The journey to Boston was a disaster, I woke up at 4 am to catch a 6am flight, flight was cancelled at 6:15. After standing in the wrong line for an hour and a half, Delta ended up paying for a taxi to take me to Cincinnati so I could catch a direct flight. It was smooth sailing once I got to Cincinnati Airport.

Traveling Tip: Never ever fly out of Louisville, every time I have flown through there it was a mess!

So, Mul’s Diner in Boston was my first real local Boston dining experience. The waitresses had awesome Boston accents and were quite friendly.However, I do have to mention that breakfast food is inedible for me unless it is smothered in gravy (especially eggs!). Naturally, I ask for gravy….it’s a breakfast diner, should be a no brainer that they have gravy by the train load. “We don’t have gravy” the waitress replied, I’m sure my jaw dropped and my eyes glazed over. How in the world can they serve breakfast without gravy on the menu! It is super easy to make and super delicious, cheap and loved by all…..right? Apparently, gravy really IS a southern thing…I don’t understand what yankees dip their chicken livers in or what they top their biscuits or toast with. Surely they don’t replace gravy with boston pudding and ketchup?!?! I tried to top my eggs and corned beef hash with ketchup (breakfast food is dry, yo!) it did not soothe my gravy craving….Don’t get me wrong, the food was GOOD, quality breakfast for a low price….but damnit breakfast just isn’t the same! Next time, I will make a small container of gravy before I go to breakfast in Boston.

Within my first 48 hours of being in Boston I find myself (at times) paralyzed with fear and almost immediately after being struck with fear, I feel excitement and freedom. This journey is bittersweet. It is super sweet that I get to be with my AMAZING partner(who inspires me in so many ways), live in a big city, cycle and PT it up (instead of driving), do great community work and be involved in larger social justice events. However, the bitterness I am experiencing is leaving my home, family, friends, work. I also find bitterness in the guilt I feel for leaving my parents at such a medically intense time (for both of them).So far, I have cried, laughed and freaked the fuck out over this change but I really must say that I am SO excited to continue feeling all these wonderfully strange emotions. Learning how to express and manage these emotions is going to be a great learning experience for me.

On a lighter note: I am announcing a ten year plan to bring gravy to Boston. This needs to happen, these Yankees just don’t know what they are missing!


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