Bucket List: Bikes Not Bombs

Unfortunately, the Ross bike I have been building and shipped from Kentucky was either damaged in transit or bent before I shipped it. I bundled it up and took the pieces and parts to Bikes Not Bombs! a co-op bike shop in Boston. I was quoted almost $400 to fix it so…. sadly, I donated it to them to use for parts/whatever… However, the same day I found another Ross bike online for not too much money! My first Boston Bucket List item has been completed!

I started a new job @ a local coffee/sandwich shop, they seem pretty awesome. I seem to always get in where the cool kids work (Stella’s in KY and now Bloc 11 in MA!).  Today, I move in HH ( where my internship is!) I am pretty excited but also nervous, luckily my Boston therapist is the BOMB and is really a great fit for me. I was quite nervous about having a male psychotherapist but he really knows how to communicate with me and that feels good.

From my experience I would advise anyone with mental health issues to skip primary care provider prescribed medication and seek out a specialist. I don’t feel so broken/crazy and enjoy having someone that has experience working with BPD. I was told that talk therapy has a high success rate for BPD, and only 2 visits in, I can see why.

All-in-all, Boston is pretty cool, I made a few friends on the T (which is surprising) and have met a few shit heads.

I will be calling Boston home for at least a year and y’know, I am starting to be okay with that!


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