Boston Bucket List & Progress

Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions! Once I complete at least half, I will open up for more suggestions! Keep an eye out for photos as I complete these!

Go to an IMAX theater
Freedom Trail – nuff’ said
Hide 20 painted rocks throughout the city(KY themed-of course!)
See some fancy art- Including Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and Boston Ballet
Visit the Public Garden (1st public botanical garden in U.S)
Take a selfie fist bumping every statue I see
Order a meal using a Boston accent (If I am successful I get 50 Bonus pts)
Attend Boston Pride Festival!!!
Kayak Tour
Have a date at every boston library
Breakfast at Mckenna’s (Irene suggestion)
Learn to make Indian Pudding
Visit Bikes Not Bombs (Luke’s suggestion): COMPLETE
Try authentic Boston brown bread (Annalee suggestion)
Find the hidden Whitman Poem at the Davis T-stop (Kye Suggestion)
Catch a flounder off the pier in Gloucester, MA. (Annalee Suggestion)


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